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Antique 'Bear Paw' Crib Quilt
Antique 'Churn Dash' four poster Quilt
"Straight Furrows" var'n Quilt
Circa 1890-1900. A log cabin type
pattern achieved with triangles of
light & dark fabric. Berks Co, PA.
70 x 86" Tiny patch on back
Quilt "8 Point Star Var'n"
Hand pieced & quilted. Scalloped
edge all around. Somerset Co, PA  
71" square. Professionally washed
"Eight Point Star" Quilt
Approx 60 x 60" Circa 1900, with a
few earlier fabrics tossed in. Some
scattered wear. Great visual
"Victory Star" Tied Comfort
On back: "To Victor Floyd Peck,
March 5, 1948, From Your Aunt
Faye".     Scranton, PA
66 x 92"            
Embroidered Wool Blanket
Homespun 2-panel blanket, with
likely later red & black wool
embroidery. Possibly PA. Stains &
a couple holes. 58 x 84"  
White on White Quilt
Finely quilted with pineapples,
feather vines and wreaths, etc.
Approx 12 stitches/ inch.
Frederick, MD, estate. Contact me
for more pics!  76 x 76"
"Baskets" Quilt
Shenandoah County, VA.
pieced & very nicely quilted!
Feathered wreaths etc.
75" w x 84" long   
Overshot Coverlet
Fravel family, Woodstock, VA!
Unusual magenta, white & indigo!
Great condition, 2-panel, fringe
one end. 80w x 90" long     
"Flying Geese" Quilt
Fravel family, Woodstock, VA!
Unusual zig-zag border, in a black
& white plaid. Circa 1880's
72 x 72"  (1/4 shown)  
1930's Crib Quilt - Nine Patch
Hand sewn, with hand quilting
done in zigzag pattern (see back).
19 x 29" Great for a dresser or
table top.   
CRIB Quilt"Bear Paw" pattern,
circa 1880-1910.
Cotton batting
with seeds. Double pink 'paws' &
red border.   37 x 37"      
CRIB Quilt "Double X"
ca 1850-60. Very good conditon,
with a bit of yellowing at old folds.
36 x 46"     
Miniature or Doll Quilt
"Stripes" pattern, ca 1890
Cotton batting. Machine quilted.
Back shows some wear.  
17" x 17"           
Quilt "Snowflake"
70 x 78"Circa 1900, hand pieced &
quilted. One square has 1880's
purple which is worn        
Four Poster Quilt
Hand pieced 'Churn Dash' pattern.
Tied, no batting. Circa 1860-80's
fabrics. 2 cut corners @ foot
86 x 89"      
$245  (1/4 is shown)
"Churn Dash" Quilt
Circa 1900 hand pieced and
quilted. Nice indigo & cadet blues.
Mustard & green plaid.  
68 w x 78" long     
'Pine Bloom' Overshot Coverlet
Two panel indigo wool & natural
color cotton. Likely Southern, found
locally. One repair (short tear).
72 wide x 96" long   
Left to right:  Shoe $25; Maroon
velvet oval $20;  Round green
velvet w/pins $25;  Veg.ivory as is
$15; & "Germany' Lady $25
Hooked RugFrom an Edinburg,
Shenandoah County, VA
, home.
Freehand design, great colors.
26 x 38"      
Assorted Coverlets / Blankets
Left to right
(in cradle):
- Summer/winter wool, pine
tree border, 2 panel, btm fringe
$225 - see below, bottom left
$115 - Blanket, single panel, wool,
self fringe at bottom
$125 - Overshot coverlet, Fravel
family, Woodstock VA. Rust, pale
salmon, & blue wool, w/ white cotton
Hired Man's Bed Coverlet
Early 19th c. white-on-white cotton
coverlet with 5" fringe (perfect!).
De-accessioned from
Mt Vernon.
Minor stains. 29 x 96" + fringe
Braided Chair Mat
Hand braided cotton mat with its
original tape ties! (shown tied to
chair).  15" diameter
Gingham Tick Cover or Duvet
Machine sewn deep lavender &
creamy white cotton check. Had
been sewn shut, a few threads
remain... 59 w x 64" long  
Homespun Tick Cover or Duvet
Medium blue & white cotton.
Machine sewn. Button closure.
Very light stain & an old mend.
58" wide x 79" long        
Homespun Tick Cover or Duvet
Med. blue & white cotton. Machine
sewn. Button closure.
Scattered rust stains.
44" wide x 68" long    
Overshot Coverlet
Indigo blue wool and bleached
linen. Two Panel. Bottom fringe in
very good condition. Has a few
scattered stains, no holes 78" x 86"
Overshot Coverlet
From a New Market, VA, estate.
Two panel indigo wool &
unbleached linen coverlet. Unusual
X & O bullseye type pattern.  
70" x 86" some repairs...  
Wool Blanket / Coverlet
Heavy 2 panel hand woven blanket
with 'Pine Tree' border & good
fringe.  Mustard, navy & rust.
76 x 84" long        $245
Overshot Coverlet
New Market, VA estate.
Rust &
tan wool with linen. Two hand
woven panels (center seam
resewn by hand). 66 x 91"    
Overshot Coverlet
Unusual black/brown wool &
unbleached linen! Great condition.
Two panel. No holes or stains.
Bottom fringe is thin. 72" x 80"
"Diamonds" pattern       
Homespun Blanket
Likely Valley of VA. White & deep
indigo wool, hand woven in two
joined panels.Hemmed at top, self
fringe at bottom 76 x 78"  
Homespun Blanket
Hand woven 2-panel wool blanket
with red and blue stripes at both
ends. Great condition!
58 w x 80" long
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