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Southern Bear Pistol ca.1850
Curly maple large caliber
percussion pistol. No ramrod. As
found condition. 19 1/2" long
Lady's or Child's Boot Scrape
Hand wrought iron. Unusual
forward & backward facing 'feet'.
6 1/2" wide x 3" tall
19th Century Shears
Pair of iron tailor or dressmaker's
shears / scissors. Marked 'AIGO'.
9 1/4" long. Half inch screw heads,
both sides. Work!   
"HEART" Slaw Board
19th century quarter sawn oak,
double blade, with chip carved
bottom. Burn mark at bottom.
6 5/8w x 17" long   
Snuff Box
Wooden box, brass hinge, with
pyrography decoration front & back
2" wide x 3 1/4" high  
Painted Carrier
Heavy wood carrier reinforced with
metal straps at ends & at handle.
All square nailed! Looks like
original gray paint. 10w x 6d x
4 1/2" sides (+ 4" handle)
LARGE Pip-squeak Chicken on
Basket Nest (w/ Eggs!)
Larger than most at 8" tall x 5" wide
Squeak is very faint. Great color!
Note chips at top    
Wall Box
Yellow pine with tulip form scrolling
(a couple breaks), and dovetailed
box. Trace of old green paint. Sort
of greasy in the box...soap?
8" wide x 12" high.    
Painted Firkin with Bail
Bittersweet painted bucket / firkin,
no lid. Iron bands and wire. Heavily
painted. 10 1/2" tall    
Painted Open Box
Homemade box with as found apple
green paint. Raised ends.
13 3/4 x 7 x 3 1/2" high on long side
Hearth Bird Roaster
18th century wrought iron small
fowl roaster. Penny feet, one tine
missing. 10w x 7h x 8 1/2" deep
Bone Handle Forks & Knives
Circa 1800 cast steel forks with
pronounced 'shoulders', & knives.
Brass details in handles (one gone
in a knife). Six of each         
Sawtooth Trammel
18th century wrought
iron. Found in Virginia.
Faint mark in photo abv
38 1/2" long  
Painted Pantry Box
Deep burgundy over earlier white,
and dry chrome yellow inside!
9 3/4 diameter x 5" high
Painted on bottom           
Tin Cookie Jumble
Circa 1870 cookie syringe. The
extruded dough was made into
bows or twists. Star form
permanently attached.
"GOOD LUCK" Bootjack
Red painted homemade wooden
bootjack with painted horseshoe
attached & 'Good Luck Boot Jack'
in pencil. 11 x 5 1/2"     
Checkered Oak Rod Basket
Larger 2 handle sewing basket,
lined with 1940's fabric. Big checks
of dark green dyed rod. Very good
condition. 10½ diam x 5"t  $165
Painted Oak Basket
Mt Jackson, Shen. Co., VA, estate
of Douglas Phillips. Extra heavy,
reinforced bottom. Old creamy
white paint.   
Decorated Oak Rod Basket
Unusual 'D' handle. Black dyed rod
stripe and rectangles. 12" diameter
Sturdy Oak Splint Basket
"Mrs Merritt Wilson, Della gave me
this for Christmas full of..."
on the handle. Double rim.
No breaks! 14" diameter, 10 1/2"
tall at side.    
Straw (?) Basket
& unusual folded straw or
grass. Has thread repairs to the
handle. 5" diameter         
Honeysuckle Basket
vine basket with dyed blue
& red weavers. One broken 'loop'
by handle. Likely Valley of VA.
6 1/2" diameter        
Signed 'Linnell' Landscape
Small 8 5/8" x 7 5/8" high (framed)
oil on board by Frank Linnell, New
York, circa 1930's
. Primarily did
floral still life paintings.
Tole Spice Carrier & Canisters
Band with green & mustard color
leaves. 4 tins (1 no bottom). Tray
no handle.
Civil War Hat Band
Officer's hat cord with acorn
tassels, brown & gold.
Tin Military Hat Box
19th century 1/2-round tin hat box
with brass handle.
approx 16w x 9d x 7" high   
Tole Trinket Boxes (2)
Top down:
$35 front band & yellow leaves top
$35  front band side swags, top
leaves 4x3x2 1/2"
Shaker Herb Pestle / Crusher
Shaker-made maple pestle
Concave surface has a bit of tiger
striping. Nice patina. Great
condition!  5" diameter x 6 1/2" tall
Butter Workers
Carved walnut 8 3/4" $40
Tiger maple, carved, 10 1/2"
long, curved end.             
Corn Husking Peg
Hand carved wooden peg with
leather strap. 4 5/8" long
Chopping Knives
Top left:
8 3/4" wide blade,
wrought steel, wood handle  
Top right:
7 1/4" w blade, wrought
steel, wood handle               
Carrier - trace of blue...
From the home of Jack & Fleta
Dodson, Edinburg VA. Yellow pine
carrier with just a bit of blue paint.
14 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 6 1/2" high     
Wrought sad iron trivet    $25
Cast iron, 6-point star in
center, 3 feet, heavy!               
Hand wrought 18th c     $45
Wagon Jack
Early to mid 1800's wooden jack.
This type is sometimes referred to
as a Maine jack. 23" tall
Homemade Gameboard
Single yellow pine board
19" wide x 24" long
Dry dark red and black squares
are hand painted.
RARE "J S Borden" Tokens
Strasburg, Virginia
2 cent to 25 cent:  $22 each
50 cent & $1:  
$25 each
Pair of vaguely figural cast and
wrought iron fire dogs. Likely Valley
of VA. 13 1/4" tall x 14" deep
1797 German Reform Hymnal
First edition of the FIRST German
Reform Church hymnal published
in America by Steiner & Kammerer,
Meerschaum Cheroot Pipe
Elaborately hand carved Victorian
lady with ostrich feather & flower
laden hat. Amber stem. Original
Tole Document Box
Decorated bands on 3 sides with
green leaves & red buds. Yellow
leaves on top. 8 1/4w x 3 1/2d x
4 1/2" tall   
Tole Tin Bread Tray
Mid 1800's decorated tin tray with
green leaves & red berries. Well
used but still colorful! PA origin.
13¾ x 7¼"      
Toleware Bun / Bread Tray
Attributed to Filley of Connecticut.
Note written on tape on bottom
refers to Womans Day magazine
article July 1964. 10 x 7"   
Ladies Nubuck Button Shoes
Circa 1915 white shoes with china
buttons (missing 3 on left shoe).
Hand Bellows 'Jas.F.Powell'
Wood, leather & tin bellows with
embossed name. Said to have
come from Virginia. 21 x 9"
Early Rosette or Patty Iron
Wrought iron for making fried
batter cookies. Dip the end in
batter, deep fry & sprinkle sugar!
11 1/2" high x 3" diameter
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"Chain" Basket
Blue Ridge mountains, VA. Oak
splint with dyed blue 'chains'. A
couple breaks. Great patina.
11" diameter       
Butter Curler
Appears to be a carved wooden
butter curler, for making decorative
curls of butter. Approx. 8" long
Reverse Foiled Tinsel Painting
Attributed to Alice Knight
(1861-1963) of Hillsborough, N.H.
Old newspaper article on back. 15"
x 15 3/4" high.