Solomon Bell 3 gallon decorated crock Strasburg, VA
3 gallon ovoid jar crock Keister, Strasburg VA
A Sampling of Pottery Previously Sold...
signed Eberly bean pot with lid Strasburg VA
Strasburg VA multi-glaze cream pitcher
Multi-glaze Egg Cup
Attrib. to Eberly, Strasburg, VA.
Note on bottom refers to it as a
"spill holder" (or match safe).
No cracks. Base chip. Great
$675 / SALE! $535
Cream Pitcher attrib. Eberly
Earthenware with manganese &
copper glaze. Attributed to Eberly
Strasburg, VA. Couple chips on
edge of base.  7" high   
Multi-glaze Tankard
Earthenware one gallon pitcher
attributed S Bell & Son,Strasburg,
VA. NO cracks! Glaze wear & small
chips/flakes along rim.
Multi-glaze Flower Pot
Attributed to S Bell & Son,
Strasburg, VA. Body is in very
good condition, saucer edges
broken. Great shelf piece!
8 1/2" tall        
"H J Miller & Co, Alexandria VA"
1 gallon decorated HJ Miller
Queensware crock. Tight short
hairline at rim, & 'ding' on rim with
10" Stoneware Lid
Possibly NJ origin. Freehand
cobalt lines. 8¼" interior diameter.
Multi-glaze Spittoon
Earthenware spittoon attributed to
Eberly, Strasburg, VA. Came from
the 1970s Eberly estate auction.
Minor bottom edge chips. 6¾ diam
x 3¼"   
$1200 / SALE! $950
Corker Attrib. Schweinfurt
RARE 1/2 gal. form attributed to
John George Schweinfurt, New
Market VA. Earthenware, crawling
on copper glaze.  8 3/8" tall
$495 / SALE! $395
Attrib. A. Keister, Strasburg VA
"4" gallon capacity mark. Triple
tulip decoration two sides.
No cracks, a few rim chips.
Pitcher Attrib. Hickerson
1 1/2 gallon capacity mark,
attributed to Hickerson, Strasburg,
VA. Has what may be a firing crack
near the base. 12½" high
$750 / SALE! $595
Scarce "WB Kenner"!
1 gallon Strasburg, VA, stoneware
crock with strong mark. A few firing
imperfections. No cracks/chips.
9¼" tall  
$695 / SALE! $545
"JH Sonner, Strasburg VA" Jug
One gallon stoneware jug by son
of potter Samuel Harrison Sonner.
Pottery by JH (James Henry) more
rare than his fathers'. No cracks,
minor wear. 11 1/2" tall   
"J BELL" Cake Mold
Marked on side, below rim.
Wonderful color. Manganese rim
decoration. No cracks. Normal
signs of use. 8½" diam x 3½" high
John Bell, Waynesboro, PA  
Assorted Redware Crocks
Glazed (bottom pic) & unglazed
(top) approximately 1 gallon, or less
No cracks, but a couple small chips
$45 each
5 Gallon "S Bell & Son"
Wonderful blue decoration on this
signed 'S Bell & Son, Strasburg,
VA' crock! Has a crack on the
'back' side. 10" diameter x 15¼"tall
Scarce "WB Kenner" Crock
Hard to find Strasburg, VA, mark!
1½ gallon capacity mark. Rim
chips, no cracks. 9¼" diameter x
$450 / SALE! $355
"Pineapple" Pitcher
Redware attrib. S Bell, Strasburg
Manganese glaze. Spout &
body flakes/chips. 6" high
Pottery Inkwells
Range in size from 1¾ to 2¾" tall
Left to right: squat thrown
stoneware, conical thrown
stoneware & molded 'spittoon' form
$115 each / SALE! $90 each
Stoneware Jar Lid
Attributed to Samuel Bell,
Winchester, VA ca 1833-40
. An
identical lid is known that is marked
"S Bell". Hard to find!!
3½" diameter x 1½" high      
Small Churn Lid
Only 5" diameter! Valley of VA
Couple chips on top & side.
4 Gallon "Solomon Bell"
Strasburg, VA. Large & highly
decorated, both sides. Number '4'
capacity mark AND 4 slash marks
under maker mark. No cracks,
chips along handles. 14"  
Pan / Bowl - Attrib to Hickerson
One gallon stoneware bowl.
Capacity mark like Hickerson's of
Strasburg, VA. No cracks, has the
expected wear. (snake skin was
removed) 6½high x 8¾"dia
Snuff Jar/ Miniature - Eberly
Only 3 1/4" high! Attributed to
Eberly, Strasburg, VA. Earthenware
with manganese & copper glaze.
Worn around center. No cracks.
"Winchester Potteries" Vase
Round Hill Pottery's apple mark, ca
1930-33, was used to market the
wares at Apple Blossom
festival.10" earthenware vase, with
copper, manganese & lead glaze.  
Dark green. A 'ping' on one side

$475 /
SALE! $375
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Woodstock, VA 22664

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"The Pottery of the Shenandoah
Valley Region," H.E. Comstock
Very good to excellent condition.
Only apology is lack of dust cover.
This is THE book on Valley pottery!
Signed "Solomon Bell,
Strasburg VA" 1 Gallon
Three cobalt swags around the
shoulder. A pop out by the mark.
Short 2" hairline at rim.
Signed 'S Bell & Son'
Multi-glaze 'S.Bell & Son,
Strasburg, VA' approx. half gallon
crock with repairs. Restorer left the
hole in the bottom...7¼ high x 5"
$675 / SALE! $535
Redware Tube Cake Mold
Double lead glaze, yellow and
green spotting inside/out. Tight
hairline one side (shown).
Like New Market VA but MD/PA?
8" dia
$295 / SALE! $235
Quart Earthenware Crock
Attributed to Suter or Coffman,
Rockingham Co., VA. Lead- &
manganese-glazed inside/out. Rim
chip & wear, no cracks. 5 3/8" tall x
5 ¼" diameter       
Signed "J M Hickerson,
Strasburg, VA" 2 Gallon
Slightly ovoid stoneware crock.
No cracks, chips on rim & at base.
About 10" tall.  
4 Gallon Star Mark Hickerson
Hard to find mark! "J M Hickerson,
Strasburg, Virginia"
with six-point
star below name.
Couple short
spider cracks. 14"t x 10¼"diam   
$625 / SALE! $500
Signed "Geo W Miller,
Strasburg VA" 1 Gallon
has a 1 gal. capacity mark.
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