Solomon Bell 3 gallon decorated crock Strasburg, VA
3 gallon ovoid jar crock Keister, Strasburg VA
A Sampling of Pottery Previously Sold...
signed Eberly bean pot with lid Strasburg VA
Strasburg VA multi-glaze cream pitcher
Multi-glaze Egg Cup
Attrib. to Eberly, Strasburg, VA.
Note on bottom refers to it as a
"spill holder" (or match safe).
No cracks. Base chip. Great
$675 / SALE! $535
Cream Pitcher attrib. Eberly
Earthenware with manganese &
copper glaze. Attributed to Eberly
Strasburg, VA. Couple chips on
edge of base.  7" high   
SIGNED "S Bell & Son,
Strasburg Va" Molded Jug
Hard to find form! No cracks, a
couple chips. Great condition!
10 3/4" tall
Multi-glaze Flower Pot
Attributed to S Bell & Son,
Strasburg, VA. Body is in very
good condition, saucer edges
broken. Great shelf piece!
8 1/2" tall        
Unglazed LARGE Flower Pot
Earthenware pot attributed to
Eberly, Strasburg VA. Rare large
size! 10 3/4" tall x 9 3/4" diameter
10" Stoneware Lid
Possibly NY origin. Freehand
cobalt lines. 8¼" interior diameter.
Multi-glaze Spittoon
Earthenware spittoon attributed to
Eberly, Strasburg, VA. Came from
the 1970s Eberly estate auction.
Minor bottom edge chips. 6¾ diam
x 3¼"   
$1200 / SALE! $950
White Slip Glazed Flower Pot
Earthenware pot attributed to
Eberly, Strasburg VA. Tight
hairlines. Intact saucer!
8 5/8" tall x 7 1/4" diameter
Pitcher Attrib. Hickerson
1 1/2 gallon capacity mark,
attributed to Hickerson, Strasburg,
VA. Has what may be a firing crack
near the base. 12½" high
$750 / SALE! $595
Scarce "WB Kenner"!
1 gallon Strasburg, VA, stoneware
crock with strong mark. A few firing
imperfections. No cracks/chips.
9¼" tall  
$695 / SALE! $545
Butter Crock
SMALL 1/2 gallon size stoneware
with cobalt decoration. Tight
cracks. Likely MD / PA origin.
7 1/4" diameter x 4 1/4" tall
"J BELL" Cake Mold
Marked on side, below rim.
Wonderful color. Manganese rim
decoration. No cracks. Normal
signs of use. 8½" diam x 3½" high
John Bell, Waynesboro, PA  
"(DH) Henkel & Co., Stonyman
VA" 1 1/2 Gallon
Signed with Henkel's earliest mark
circa 1870. Has a couple short
hairlines on the bottom.  10 1/2"tall
SIGNED "A.Keister & Co.,
Strasburg Va"
4 gallon with strong cobalt
decoration. A tight crack, chips.
13 1/4 tall x 9 3/4" diam  
Scarce "WB Kenner" Crock
Hard to find Strasburg, VA, mark!
1½ gallon capacity mark. Rim
chips, no cracks. 9¼" diameter x
$450 / SALE! $355
Attrib. Lehew, Strasburg, VA
"1 1/2" gallon with blue all around.
Central located capacity mark.
No cracks. Great condition!
10" tall   
Stoneware Jar Lid
Attributed to Samuel Bell,
Winchester, VA ca 1833-40
. An
identical lid is known that is marked
"S Bell". Hard to find!!
3½" diameter x 1½" high      
Small Churn Lid
Only 5" diameter! Valley of VA
Couple chips on top & side.
4 Gallon "Solomon Bell"
Strasburg, VA. Large & highly
decorated, both sides. Number '4'
capacity mark AND 4 slash marks
under maker mark. No cracks,
chips along handles. 14"  
Pan / Bowl - Attrib to Hickerson
One gallon stoneware bowl.
Capacity mark like Hickerson's of
Strasburg, VA. No cracks, has the
expected wear. (snake skin was
removed) 6½high x 8¾"dia
"Solomon Bell, Strasburg Va"
1 Gallon Signed Pitcher
Stoneware pitcher, no body
cracks, hairline on handle by chip.
Small chips. 11" tall    
Attrib. Carver & Wightman
Edinburg, VA
1 gallon ovoid with typical script 'E'
flowers all around.No cracks. Some
kiln slump along the rim.  Great
blue!  9 1/4" tall    
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"S.Bell & Son, Strasburg, VA"
Signed 1 gallon S. Bell with blue
swags all around. No cracks.
Great mark!    9 1/4" tall
Signed "T.GRIM, Strasburg VA"
1/2 Gallon - RARE!!
Very hard to find maker, in a hard
to find size! Has a hairline from rim,
stops just before bottom. 8 1/4" tall
Signed 'S Bell & Son'
Multi-glaze 'S.Bell & Son,
Strasburg, VA' approx. half gallon
crock with repairs. Restorer left the
hole in the bottom...7¼ high x 5"
$675 / SALE! $535
Redware Tube Cake Mold
Double lead glaze, yellow and
green spotting inside/out. Tight
hairline one side (shown).
Like New Market VA but MD/PA?
8" dia
$295 / SALE! $235
Signed "J M Hickerson,
Strasburg, VA" 2 Gallon
Slightly ovoid stoneware crock.
No cracks, chips on rim & at base.
About 10" tall.  
4 Gallon Star Mark Hickerson
Hard to find mark! "J M Hickerson,
Strasburg, Virginia"
with six-point
star below name.
Couple short
spider cracks. 14"t x 10¼"diam   
$625 / SALE! $500
Corker / Canner Lids
Left: Corker stoneware lid, 2 3/8"
Right: Canner stoneware lid, 3"
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Hagerstown MD Bowl
Earthenware with slip decoration
2 cracks.  10 3/4" diam x 3 1/8" tall
"L.D.Funkhouser & Co,
Strasburg Va" Pitcher
1 gallon with strong mark & cobalt
decoration. No cracks. Spout was
filed down one side. Chips on rim &
base. RARE!  10 3/4" tall
'S Bell' Ovoid Crock
Samuel Bell, Winchester, pre-1843
mark (small 'Bell'). Blue both sides.
Orange peel glaze. Strap handles.
1 1/2 gallon