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Paint Decorated Wall Cupboard
Early, ca 1810-20. As found grain
paint over earlier red(?).
Dovetailed bracket foot! Great
storage piece. Nice moldings. PA    
43w x 16½d x 62½"tall
Painted Blanket Box
Dry early green over blue paint.
Original feet & hinges. Panelled
construction. Butternut & poplar
wood. Found Hagerstown, MD
37 x 19 x 23" tall   
antique green painted country blanket box
Painted Blanket Box
Early/original red paint on mixed
wood. Dovetailed case & bracket
feet.Till inside. Brass escutcheon.
Nice smaller size  41w x 19d x
22½" high   
Schoolmaster Desk
Old mustard over early red.  3
dovetailed drawers inside, 1 has
lock & key. 36w x 24d x 37" tall (bk)
23¾" to apron        
Oval Sheraton Tea Table
Circa 1830 mixed wood country
Sheraton oval table, waxed. 44¾"
wide x 29¼" deep x 30"tall    
Pin-top Work Table - ca 1800
Small yellow pine table, dovetailed
drawer, long hand carved pins (3
replaced). Possibly Valley of VA.
Original red. 32w x 25d x 29t
Painted Wall Cupboard
From same area of PA (Lancaster)
as the cupboard on far left <<<<
Dovetailed case with chamfered
corners, original moldings / turned
feet. 34w x 18d x 63" tall
Dropleaf Table
Nicely turned Sheraton style legs,
dovetailed drawer. Smaller size.
35 x 21½" closed/ 35 x 51½" open
28¾" to top       
Counter-top Desk
Early 19th century yellow pine with
old apple green paint. Dovetailed
case & drawer. Southern, likely NC.
24 x 24 x 18"high @ back
19th Century Crib
Nelson & Berniece Miller estate,
Bowmans Crossing, Shen. Co., VA
Mortised & pegged likely yellow
pine with old gray paint. Pencil
post legs, missing original wooden
wheels. Posts missing one end..add
glass top to make great coffee
table, room for display below.
39 x 23 x 25 tall (+knobs)  
Painted Cradle
Late 19th century.  Yellow pine
with dry original red paint.  Found
Virginia. Wonderful condition!
36" long x 18" tall @ head
Red Painted Virginia Cradle
Walnut Slant Top Desk
Mid-late 19th century lift top desk.
Cubbyholes inside! Waxed old /
original finish. 32w x 23d x 32" high
in back. 24" to apron.    
Painted Stand
Yellow pine mortised and pegged
side table with original salmon red
graining. Beaded apron & legs. Top
is worn & waxed. Likely VA. 19th c.
23w x 20d x 30" tall      
Bench Table
Hinged top softwood bench table.
Half moon cutout ends, 3 board top
Likely PA. Slightest hint of the old
red. Waxed. 47w x 33d x 30" high
when closed.      
Walnut Farm Table
2 drawer circa 1870-80 scrub top
table with waxed old finish. Left
drawer ca 1840 walnut/yellow pine,
right 1870's made to match left!
Chamfered legs 5'10" x 36"
Walnut Sheraton Chest ca 1830
Wears old/original finish, waxed.
Cock beading on dovetailed
drawers.Nicely turned feet. Dust
shelf! Poplar & pine secondary.
40w x 19d x 42" tall    
antique painted bracket foot blanket box chest with fraktur
Blanket Box + Fraktur!
All original dry red painted box,
with moldings, feet, hinges & lidded
till. An 1842 fraktur is pasted inside
lid: 'Lewisa Eschelman, Berks Co
PA'      44x20x23 tall      
Painted 12-Tin Pie Safe
19th Century PA safe, old apple
green on mixed walnut/cherry/
yellow pine. Old white inside back.
Unique arched 'church window' tins
38w x 16.5d x 57"tall  
Painted Crock Shelf
Late 1800's. Softwood with original
dry blue-green paint. Notched half
moon cutout feet.
Frederick Co.,
. 43w x 15d x 55" tall    $695
Antique Crock shelf Virginia blue painted
Hepplewhite Chest of Drawers
Cherry chest with old finish ca
1790-1800 French foot. Dovetailed
case / drawers. Line inlay @ apron
Some restoration.38w x 23d x 38"h
Walnut Stand with Drawer
Nicely tapered legs, & dovetailed
drawer with original wooden pulls.
Old finish, waxed. Valley of VA.
21½ wide x 18½ deep x 29" tall
Petite! Decorated Cupboard
Graining over original red paint.
PA origin, ca 1820-40. Dovetailed
case, cutout bracket foot, original
crown molding, bead around door
6-Tin Pie Safe
Found near Winchester VA
Yellow pine & poplar safe. Tins are
pinwheels & tulips, or bellflowers.
45w x 20d x
(+4-5½" gallery)      $2900
Painted Jelly Cupboard
Ca. 1830 pine & poplar with old/
original orange-red paint. PA.
Gallery scrolled & dovetailed.
Scrolled sides. Bead around doors
41w x 18d x 46"+ tall        
antique painted red jelly linen press cupboard
Mortised Foot Stool
Walnut stool from a Woodstock VA
estate. Mortised top, and square
nailed aprons. Old dry surface.
14 x 8 x 9" high              
Pine Dome-top Box
Square nailed yellow pine and
poplar dome top storage box.
Hinges replaced. 28w x 12d x 12"h
Painted Blanket Box
Dovetailed softwood box with early
red/salmonpaint. Turned feet. Cast
brass hinges. Lid side moldings
Walnut Blanket Chest
Virtually untouched! Circa 1790-
1800. Original / early finish.
Dovetailed case and bracket feet,
till w/ lid, original moldings &
escutcheon. Strap hinges partly
restored (lid).
Washington Co,
50w x 23d x 25½" high   $2500
Dome-top Box
Softwood New England dome top
storage box with old red wash.
28w x 13d x 12" high
Painted Jelly Cupboard
Found near Winchester, VA. Early
orange-red paint on Southern
yellow pine. Pegged, square nailed
46w x 16d x 54"tall  
Wall Shelf with Pegs
Homemade pine shelf with old
apple green paint. From Foltz farm
near Luray, VA. Early 20th century
Old decal glue scraped off back...
30w x 10h x 7" deep
Diminutive Dry Sink
Walnut dovetailed canted well sink.
Original brass latches! Turned
Sheraton style feet. Only 36" wide
at the case x 34" tall