As Seen On TV!

Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and JUMP! That’s just about what our daughter & I did a week ago today when we signed up to be a ‘picker team’ for a potential new TV show called “Virginia’s Treasures.” The very next day after applying for a spot we were told that we were in, & not only were we in, we were exactly what they were looking for!…a mother / daughter team with experience in the antiques world. Oh, and, by the way, filming begins in 5 days! Holy COW!

The show is a local take off on the “Market Warriors” show that is currently on PBS, where 4 pickers search for antique treasures in various venues (antique shows, flea markets, etc) which are then sold at auction houses near where the purchases were made. The ‘winner’ is the person who makes the most profit (or loses the least money) when the items are auctioned off.

The first part of the “Virginia’s Treasures” pilot show was filmed yesterday at a large local antique mall, The Strasburg Emporium. Rather than individual pickers, we were 3 teams of two people each who had a budgeted amount of money, and two hours, to buy one or two items to sell later at auction. Next Saturday, June 29th, we’ll be filmed again as the teams watch their items being sold at Laughlin Auctions in Edinburg, VA. We were all nervous Nellies when we first arrived, but it turned out that some of us knew each other, the ice was broken, & it was just FUN and very friendly competition after that!

I can’t tell you who bought what, but I am allowed to say what was bought (in no particular order):  lift top oak desk from the Luray, VA, post office; vintage painted red orchard ladder; 3 gallon Valley of Virginia ovoid stoneware crock; federal bow front chest of drawers; very large coiled sweet grass basket with lid & woven decoration; and a folky Dalamatian dog figure. Again, the items are going to be sold at Laughlin Auctions on Saturday, June 29, 2013. The sale begins at 9 a.m. and the items should be on the auction website in the next day or two:

Come join the FUN at the auction!

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Have to brag…it only took me half the day, but I’ve added a little snippet called a ‘favicon’ to my website and blog. This is the little logo (icon) that appears on your browser tab and in your bookmarked favorites next to my website name. It helps distinguish each website or blog page, separates mine from the pack. I used a bit from my website’s background quilt pattern to make the favicon. Goes to show, even a computer novice can figure out stuff, given enough time in the day

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Duck Days of May

Seems like we’ve had the wettest Spring in many a year. Spring Hollow Run has definitely been ‘running’ ever since Hurricane Sandy back last October. With all that raining & running has come the ducks!! It started with the arrival of the dandy male mallards in March or April. Just the bachelor guys hanging out and waiting for the gals to arrive. You could see groups of 3 or more males almost everywhere in downtown Woodstock, especially near the ‘Hollow Run as it winds from the west, through the southern part of town, & on down to the North Fork of the Shenandoah to the east.

Then the ladies appeared & all heck broke out! The squawking was amazing, deep into the dark of night as the pairing up began. We’ve seen and heard some downright brawls break out at times. And now, as the pairing has been settled, the babies are making their appearances. Tiny bits of fluff swimming up creek with mama and parading through our backyard eating whatever moves in the grass. At last count it’s mama & 9 little ducklings. I refuse to count the brood anymore…don’t want to get my heart broken as a few little ones disappear from the line. Just gonna continue enjoying ‘our ducks’ for the first time in quite a few years.

If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse from the bridge as they float down along the lazy flow of Spring Hollow Run…stop on by & take a peek.

Postscript:  Well, I lied, I’m still counting ducklings and we’re holding at 7 robust adolescents about 1/2 the size of mama.  Hubby & I rescued one little tubby babe recently who had gotten stuck trying to go through some wire fence.  Mama duck alerted me when I heard her frantic quacks in the back yard.  Appears they were snacking on mulberries that had fallen from a tree that grows by a fence line.  One enterprising youngun went around the fence to get the fruit on that side & apparently tried to take a shortcut back to mama.  The rescue went flawlessly & baby joined the group who waited patiently nearby, except for mama, who snipped at our fingers through the wire – thank goodness ducks don’t have teeth!

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Spring has Sprung

It’s been a busy, busy, winter, but Spring has finally sprung in the Shenandoah Valley! The redbud trees are in full-on beautiful magenta bloom, with dogwood as a snowy white backdrop. It is the absolutely perfect time to drive down Route 11 (or up!). The Valley is dressed for a party, but you better hurry, the show lasts just a short time!

If you’ve been following my website, you have probably noticed A LOT of furniture marked with big bold red ‘SOLD’s. It must have been the wonderfully warm days of February that got folks out & antiquing with a vengeance! We’re having fun trying to find replacement pieces for all the great things that have found new homes. I just posted a nice, almost 5 foot (shy 2″), local farm table from the Forestville area in south central Shenandoah County, Virginia. It wears an old apple green paint & has a drawer almost 40″ deep. In the workshop, awaiting some gentle restoration, are two cupboards, one in a great dark electric blue! It will be a couple weeks or so before they are both in the shop, so keep watching the ‘Furniture’ page.

In the meantime, hop in your car & come visit the Valley!

Painted Farm Table – Ruth Whistler estate, Forestville, Shenandoah County, VA

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Of Floods and Turkeys

Hurricane Sandy made her presence known here in Shenandoah County, Virginia, & especially in our basement!  Spring Hollow Run decided to overflow its banks during the night of the hurricane & found its way inside our house, filling the basement with almost 6 feet of cafe au lait colored muddy water!  Goodby to our brand new oil furnace & brand new water heater!!  Thank goodness for flood insurance, we will, eventually, get a new one of both.  I can’t begin to imagine what the folks on the Jersey Shore & north are going through…our bit of flooding is just an inconvenient blip compared to theirs.

Life goes on & there is turkey to cook & vintage turkey salt & peppers to sell!  I’m winnowing my collection, come on in & take a look.

Here’s wishing you & yours a wonderful & happy Thanksgiving Holiday!  May all your wishbone wishes come true & may your basements be dry ;)


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Blue Moon Musings

I was at the Shenandoah County fair last night with my daughter when the moon caught my eye.  It was just rising over the mountains, a wonderful goldenrod color!  It was then that I realized this was the ‘blue moon’ that was being talked about lately…the second of two full moons within the same month.  We won’t see another until 2015.  You know the saying, “once in a blue moon,” well that seems about how long it’s been since I last posted on this blog!  It has been an extra busy summer & time has just flowed by more quickly.   I’ve been doing house calls & going to lots of auctions searching for things for the shop (more than usual) & have finally posted a good representation of my finds on the website.  Take a look!   Then come visit & see all the other goodies I didn’t post online :)

Blue Painted Dog Cart ca 1900

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Fresh Look for Spring!

The past week or so I’ve been feverishly working on creating a fresh look for my website.  The pages are now wider and what was previously the border is now the entire background.  Sounds simple, but just making the pages wider entailed a tremendous amount of shuffling around!  Of course, there were other changes and tweaks, too.  I just now finally finished up the textiles page.  So, amidst an unusual March snow storm, I present to you the ‘all new’ Spring Hollow Antiques website! Please let me know what you think…


To all my customers and friends in the Midwest, I hope this finds you safe & well…and untouched by the havoc of the recent spate of horrific tornadoes.

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Happy Blogiversary to Spring Hollow Antiques!

Happy New Year!  Hard to believe that just about a year has passed since my first posting on this blog.  I hope I haven’t bored to tears all you folks out there that take the time to read my musings!  This year began pretty much as last, with a local auction absolutely packed with people suffering from cabin fever.  A very nice, and very rare, paint decorated blanket box attributed to Johannes Spitler of Shenandoah County, VA, was up for sale – generating the large crowd for the ‘show.’   The box ended up selling for $150,000 to a left bid…rumor has it that its new home is a museum in the Shenandoah Valley, exactly where it belongs!  I was lucky enough to be the winning bidder on a few things, including a wooden bucket wearing its original untouched deep blue paint, a primitive yellow pine washboard with rollers in what’s usually referred to as a ‘Mother Hubbard’ style, and a couple pieces of tole decorated tin apple trays…one of which has great colorful stenciling.  These can be seen on my website:  Sorry, no $150,000 blanket boxes for sale at the moment…

Blue Painted Bucket

Just a Note:  The ‘Mother Hubbard’ homemade washboard has a new home at the Audubon House & Tropical Gardens in Key West, FL

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Of Cider & Greens & Wonderful Things

Black Friday & Shop Small Saturday have come & gone, thank goodness!  Much too hectic for me & not quite the mental picture I have of shopping during the holiday season.  I would much rather browse a quiet antique shop, with harpsichord music playing in the background, and the smell of mulled cider & fresh greens in the air!  Wait!!  I think I just described MY shop!  Come visit & see the latest additions to what I’ve been told is the best selection of local pottery for sale in the Valley.   Great gifts for both beginning & advanced collectors!  My website is just a taste of what is available in my shop, so treat yourself to a quiet moment in a beautiful place…you just might find a special something for yourself, or for someone special.

Spring Hollow Antiques - Woodstock, VA

Happy Holidays to You All!

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Museums, Museums, Museums!

From previous posts you may have noticed that I’m ‘involved’ (to put it mildly) with our little local Woodstock Museum.  One of the benefits of being a volunteer board member has turned out to be the unforeseen connections & friendships that have developed in the past couple years with other local museums, small & very large.   I have discovered that museum folks, non-profit or for profit, are reeeallllly interesting people, & nice ones, to boot!  …from the people on our own board & our docents, who know everything there is to know about local families & the minutia of the buildings that display the artifacts from those family homes; to the couple in Luray who are so passionate about their community and the brand new state of the art log building which houses the local artifacts that pay tribute to it; and finally to the big guns in the ‘city’ that are just as down to earth & just as passionate as their country counterparts about the art & artifacts from this great Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Just 3 of many many museums celebrating life as it was in the Valley.  Be sure to visit them when you come to our neck of the woods:  The Woodstock Museum ;  The Luray Valley Museum at the Luray Caverns ; and The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA .   A great way to spend a day!  Enjoy.

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