Just Call Us ‘Gobbler’s Knob’

Apologies to the movie “Groundhog Day,” but had to say it!  Yesterday afternoon my other half came into the shop to let me know that we had a wild turkey walking around in our back yard…in DOWNTOWN Woodstock!!…& that I had to come see.  I put the ‘be back’ sign up, grabbed my camera & headed out the back door.  And there it was!!!  Leisurely walking just inside the edge of the wooded area that runs along Spring Hollow Run & our yard, obviously enjoying foraging for whatever it is that wild turkeys eat.  What a great way to start November! with a turkey in the yard. Here’s all 8 seconds of the video I took of our very own visiting turkey, you can see it just inside the wooded area, moving from left to right:   Turkey in the Yard Nov 6, 2013

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