A Show is Born! (we hope…)

The pilot episode of “Virginia’s Treasures” finally made it to the tube!  Thought you might like to see the show in its entirety.  Click on the following link & enjoy:


Had a very interesting encounter last Saturday morning.  Went yard sailing hither & yon in Shenandoah County, and spent a total of $2 on one little thing not worth mentioning.  Feeling very discouraged, I decided to treat myself to breakfast at Candy’s Diner.  I placed my order & settled in to read the daily rag.  Totally engrossed in reading, I didn’t notice that a couple of folks had sidled up to my table…”You’re famous, aren’t you?”  Took me a moment to figure out (having had no coffee up to that point…) what in the world these absolute strangers were talking about, after having automatically said, “no, don’t think so!”  “Oh, yes, you are!  We saw you on TV the other night.”  Proof positive that it doesn’t take much to be “famous!”  But, I have to say, these nice folks made a dark, dreary, day just a little bit nicer.  And, breakfast was wonderful!

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