As Seen On TV – The Finale

UPDATE! The “Virginia’s Treasures” pilot show will be shown on PBS station WVPT on Thursday, September 26, 2013…time to be announced.  I’ll keep you posted as I learn more!

The filming of the pilot show of “Virginia’s Treasures” was finished on Saturday.  What fun!!  The signs on entrances to Laughlin Auctions were posted with notices to the public that, basically, “you’re gonna be on camera” today.  Six tall director chairs lined the back of the auction hall, with a camera standing tall on its platform to take in the whole room.  Sara & I and our fellow competitors had first class seats to view the action when the items we purchased last week were sold.

Our greatest fear, the call of “no bid,” was alleviated when Sara & I noticed that there were left bids for both of our items, the 3 gallon ovoid crock & the large Native American basket.  At least they were going to sell!  Then the auction began!

Early on the folky Dalmatian dog was sold at a nice little profit, with bidding going rapid fire between a left bid and someone on the floor.  We all were exhilarated afterward, with hopes running very high for our items!  Then, the beautiful large basket that Sara & I bought came up for sale.  The auctioneer struggled to get the bidding up to $45…hopes were dashed & the reality of the fickleness of the auction was there in front of us as Sara & I lost $40 on the sale. BUT, we ALL clapped & hooted anyway, because, after all, it SOLD!!  And so it went for every item, sold high or low, we clapped and shouted and, darn it, had a GREAT time!

In the end, Sara & I came in with a $20 loss overall (we made a profit on the crock!) and the other two teams made about a $65 profit each.  Only one team made a profit on both items.  It was so much fun to do, win or lose, that I’m ready to give it a try again!  It appears we might have a chance to do that on a ‘reunion’ show, if the series gets picked up by the local PBS station.  I’ll keep you posted!


PS:  You can view the 5 minute trailer for the TV pilot of “Virginia’s Treasures” here:

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