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Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and JUMP! That’s just about what our daughter & I did a week ago today when we signed up to be a ‘picker team’ for a potential new TV show called “Virginia’s Treasures.” The very next day after applying for a spot we were told that we were in, & not only were we in, we were exactly what they were looking for!…a mother / daughter team with experience in the antiques world. Oh, and, by the way, filming begins in 5 days! Holy COW!

The show is a local take off on the “Market Warriors” show that is currently on PBS, where 4 pickers search for antique treasures in various venues (antique shows, flea markets, etc) which are then sold at auction houses near where the purchases were made. The ‘winner’ is the person who makes the most profit (or loses the least money) when the items are auctioned off.

The first part of the “Virginia’s Treasures” pilot show was filmed yesterday at a large local antique mall, The Strasburg Emporium. Rather than individual pickers, we were 3 teams of two people each who had a budgeted amount of money, and two hours, to buy one or two items to sell later at auction. Next Saturday, June 29th, we’ll be filmed again as the teams watch their items being sold at Laughlin Auctions in Edinburg, VA. We were all nervous Nellies when we first arrived, but it turned out that some of us knew each other, the ice was broken, & it was just FUN and very friendly competition after that!

I can’t tell you who bought what, but I am allowed to say what was bought (in no particular order):  lift top oak desk from the Luray, VA, post office; vintage painted red orchard ladder; 3 gallon Valley of Virginia ovoid stoneware crock; federal bow front chest of drawers; very large coiled sweet grass basket with lid & woven decoration; and a folky Dalamatian dog figure. Again, the items are going to be sold at Laughlin Auctions on Saturday, June 29, 2013. The sale begins at 9 a.m. and the items should be on the auction website in the next day or two:

Come join the FUN at the auction!

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