Log Cabin Fever

A miniature circa 1940-50’s log cabin has recently been added to my shop inventory & is featured on my website.  It occurred to me that log cabins and homes have been a sporadic theme in my time here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  We came to the Valley in the late 1970’s, buying a few acres on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River.  The original 2 story log house anchored the remaining acreage of the subdivided farm.  Some close friends then decided to build a hand-hewn log home on the river, they live there still.  Soon after they finished building their home I joined the board of the Woodstock Museum, which had just completed restoring an early log house.  In the course of the years of living in Woodstock I have seen at least 3 log structures demolished in the downtown area.  The latest demolition sparked tremendous controversy & the quick revamping of demolition permit procedures.  But, I can still look out my front door, north & south, and see two log homes still standing – testament to the men and women who settled along the Valley Pike, now known as Rt. 11, or Main Street in most of the towns strung along its way.  Spring has sprung in the Valley of Virginia.  Come visit & see the log homes, large & very, very small!

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