Signed Strasburg Stoneware!

This was a major pottery weekend!  From one place & another I’ve amassed 10 pieces of mostly signed local stoneware.  There is one redware double handled vase that I actually sold back in 2006…it’s attributed to Jacob Medinger of Montgomery Township (now County), PA.  Medinger was the last of the true PA German potters of the 19th century.  His vases are very distinctive with their urn shape, ribbed strap handles & coggle decoration on the shoulder.  The local stoneware includes pieces signed by Solomon Bell (including a 2nd maker’s mark), W.H.Lehew, J.M.Hickerson, & S.H.Sonner, all of Strasburg, VA.  There is also a wonderful ovoid high collar crock with cobalt blue tulips ringing the shoulder.  This piece was likely from Maryland or Pennsylvania, although it is reminiscent of Keister, Strasburg, VA.  A photo of the entire collection is on my website’s home page, and a few pieces have been posted on the “Smalls” page.  Take a peek at the plethora of pottery!

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